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Latest News

The Second Global Conference of Black Nationalties

The Second Global Conference of Black Nationalties

Theme: Globalization and its effects:... 24 July 2015
Ulli Beier Celebration

Ulli Beier Celebration

We are celebrating Ulli Beier, who died... 23 July 2015
Launch of CBCIU in the United States

Launch of CBCIU in the United States

It is to be noted that the Consultants... 23 July 2015
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Our Mission, Goals & Strategies

  • Our Mission

    the world is in our hands1To elevate Black culture by focusing on its recovery, preservation, promotion, and utilization of its enduring ways of being for the purposes of holistic development, appreciation, and international understanding.

  • Our Goals

    our goals 2

    To retrieve, curate, and sustain historic cultural assets.

    To foster cross-cultural and inter-generational engagement for global harmony.

  • Our Strategies


    ♦ Education and Research

    ♦ Collaboration and networking

    ♦ Acquisition of adequate resources

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