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The US Affiliate of CBCIU was created primarily to help advance the mission of CBCIU. The idea of having a US-CBCIU was floated in July 2009, with the objective of having in place an affiliate body in the Western World to collaborate with CBCIU to propagate its goals and objectives.

The US-CBCIU was registered as a not-for-profit entity under the Laws of the State of Pennsylvania and is authorised to conduct business in accordance with the objectives of CBCIU. It is also empowered to solicit for grants and other forms of financial assistant, operating a tax-exempt status.

Since the inaugural board meeting held in Philadelphia, Pa in February 2010, the Board of Trustees of US-CBCIU has met periodically to formulate broad policies for the running of the organisation. It has successfully cultivated such organisations like The Smithsonian Institution, and the African American Museum of African Arts in Philadelphia.

US-CBCIU has received interests for collaboration to assist with the development of CBCIU’s technical capacity, strategic planning, and fundraising efforts.

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Latest News

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The Second Global Conference of Black Nationalties

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Ulli Beier Celebration

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Launch of CBCIU in the United States

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