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Global Conference of Black Nationalties

us cbciuIn line with UNESCO’s belief in and sponsorship of intellectual exchange and dialogue among cultures as the best prospects for peace, the 1st Global Conference of Black Nationalities is a clarion call for global peace and international understanding of the Black Race, through Culture and Heritage. Therefore, the conference was an invitation to the participants - black intelligentsia, non-black academics, as well as, the global vanguard of culture to “Come BACK HOME” to re-examine the PAST, evaluate the PRESENT and strategically look into the FUTURE of a RICH HERITAGE - the Black Heritage.

As a result, participants were exposed to and will had an equally fulfilling opportunity of knowing more about the black race while appreciating cultural differences among the various peoples of the world with a view to promoting global understanding.

The Conference of Black Nationalities was held a time that Africa, African descendants, black people from across the globe were being encouraged to achieve more and to take a grasp of their fate and future. The 1st Global Conference of Black Nationalities took a cultural and mutual understanding perspective to help accomplish its major objective through inter-cultural and religious dialogues. The Conference reinforced UNESCO’s role and efforts to promote and encourage reciprocal knowledge of culture, ethnicity, language and religion as a means for sustainable development and the proffering of plausible solutions.
MODALITIES: The 1st Global Conference of Black Nationalities took a critical look at the positive potentials of open discussions to understand the culture and heritage of Africa as a means to understanding and embracing the Black Race. It is aimed at promoting a dialogue on the African Diaspora: Identification and Mobilization towards a common agenda of elevating the Black Race and Africa. By so doing, it will serve as a major contribution to UNESCO’s events and programmes for 2010 and beyond, as they impact the Black Race/Africa, particularly:
• The celebration of the United Nations International Year for Rapprochement of Cultures - 2010, the objectives of which are similar to those of the Conference.
• UNESCO’s International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. By starting the Conference on August 23rd, 2010 with its attendant opening ceremonies/speeches, the conference contributed to the objectives of the annual international day fixed for August 23rd.
• It enlightened the world about the Osun-Osogbo Festival – a UNESCO classified World Heritage site - and its cultural ceremonies as a tourist attraction. Participants at the conference had a first hand experience as they participated in the year 2010 edition of the festival.
• Governance and Leadership.
• The Leadership Role of Black Women in the society
• Tourism Development: Cultural Tourism and Ecological Tourism.
• Slavery: History, Challenges, Opportunities and the Future.
• The history and impact and influence of Black Culture in modern societies
• The African Diaspora: Identification and Mobilization towards a common agenda.
• Sustainable Development
• Access to and/or Participation in the annual Osun-Osogbo Festival
• Access to and/or Participation in an Exhibition of Black Arts and Culture from across the globe
• Performances by different Black/African performers and cultural troupes, including film shows
• Visits to different ancient monuments in Ile-Ife, as well as, visits to historic and sacred groves/monuments that make Osun State the cradle of the Black Race
• Interactions and Press access to representatives of the African Traditional Institutions.
• Interaction with visiting dignitaries from several nations and corporate leaders for investment and economic development.
• Tours of other tourist attractions in adjoining locations to Osun State
• Special reception by His Imperial Majesty, Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuwade (the Spiritual Head of the Yoruba Race) at the Royal Palace.
The outcomes and contributions of the Conference include the following:
• Contribute to the global soul-searching given globalization and the “new” expectations of the Black Race for more prominent contributions.
• Development of a database of participants and resources to be shared and used to galvanize and stimulate peace through collaboration, networking and resource sharing
• Encourage efforts towards the re-evaluation of the heritage of the black race
• Stimulate actions towards the reduction of the digital divide that impacts the black race
• Development of a Youth Agenda for the preservation of a Rich Heritage
• Development of a Women Agenda for Leadership, Governance and Sustainability
• Development of Africa’s Tourism Sector: Attraction of foreign participants for Economic and Infrastructure development and implementation
The conference discussed modalities for effecting changes in perception of African culture by associating its positive influence with home grown development. It also inspired a renewed consciousness for Africans and Africans in the Diaspora to seize opportunities in their cultural endowments for development. To arrive at these, the organizers are following up on outcomes by:
• Arranging for sustaining the Conference to continually evoke intellectual discussions and themes around the subject among nations. This would develop Culture-Tourism in Osun State and eventually in Africa and continue to nourish a socio-economic agenda to elevate the Black Race and Africa.
• Partnership and technical assistance are being sought from UNESCO to engage and consult with government on applicability; as well as global Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) towards the sustainability of its contributions to the conference and other activities of CBCIU
• Creation of an interactive web-site (with blog), based on the conference outcomes, to encourage communications amongst alumni.

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